SGP Rigel auto focus step size

Does anyone have a magic step size to use with an 80mm refractor and the rigel auto focus system.


Close. I use a Rigel nStep with my StellarVue 90mm triplet. I use a step size of 40 and it has worked well with 9 Autofocus Data Points.

great…thanks for the tip…I just started using rigel last night…this info will help a lot

Jingle bells

Did you “calibrate” your focuser from zero (all the way in ) to X (all the way out ) before doing anything else with the rigel ??

I did . I assumed rigel and sgp had to know what the focuser was capable of and where it was before we started plugging in step sizes , etc.



Yes, the driver needs to know minimum and maximim extension.

I use 37. ED80 And a STF8300.

I don’t tell it the real min max because I figure there isn’t a reason to rack the focuser all the way in or out. I focused it and I give it 1000 steps on either side of it to play with.

ahhh…that is interesting …I am already very close to being all the way out with my 80mm but should have enough room to run a healthy step size on either side. Not using a reducer.

Do any of you guys bother changing anything when you use different filters ??

How about Narrowbands ???

Or do you just keep the step size the same and let SGP do all the math ??

Thanks again.

I keep the step size the same for all filters.

Same. I don’t think for focusing it matters on the filter other than if your system isn’t par focal and you need an offset (set up under the filter list, put in the step where it’s in focus for each filter).

Thanks everyone…all your ideas and suggestions were very helpful. Clear Skies and Happy New Year