SGP stalled after ASCOM mount error

SGP stalled last night after the system encountered a mount disconnect error in ASCOM. When I checked the rig this morning, it was still pointed at the target, but was stuck on downloading an image from the main cam. When I cleared the ASCOM error message (actually a Windows message saying the ASCOM mount driver had stopped working and was going to be closed), SGP resumed and completed the image download. The logs (all of them, not just SGP, in case there’s a clue somewhere else) are here:

I think I know what caused the ASCOM mount disconnect error, so hopefully this won’t happen again. But I wanted to mention it in case there’s a way to boost safety procedures in SGP so that an abort will happen in this situation.


It would be nice to hear what you think happened.

The Celestron driver stops reporting with no error at 03:37:02 and just after this SGP reports “PHD2 - No messages received from PHD2 for 1 minute,”, then, much later, at 7:42:49, a message “ASCOM Telescope: Error in CanPark : The RPC server is unavailable.”. This seems to be coming from the ASCOM DriverAccess component. I don’t think the Celestron driver is involved.

You mention a Windows message box; AFAIK none of the ASCOM components should show a message box, and the Celestron driver definitely doesn’t. A sight of the message box would help to pin down where it’s coming from.



It’s not immediately clear to me what happened. The message box is probably from SGPro relaying an error to you. I will see if I can find that and make sure it does not block sequence activity.

Hi Chris and Ken,

Screen grabs of the windows error message, and a message in PHD2 which I assume was related, are here:

Chris, I PM’d you, but maybe that didn’t go through. Here’s what I think might be wrong: I’ve been selecting the wrong ASCOM connection in the drop down list. I noticed today that I’ve been using the “Celestron Telescope Driver (ASCOM)” instead of the ASCOM Telescope Chooser. I’ve been getting the mount disconnect error about every 3 sessions or so for the last few months, and I’ll bet that’s when I accidentally switched the selection. Do you think that would cause the occasional mount disconnects that I’ve been seeing?


Ah, thanks. Ya, I’m not 100% sure how to handle that. The genesis of that message dialog was most definitely outside the control of SGPro.

I missed the PM. The Windows message box doesn’t help, it’s a generic “something went wrong” message from Windows.

I’ll check the driver versions carefully to see if it is using the new version I produced. I don’t think it is.