SGP Stopped Connecting to QHY163

Hi. New to SGP .
I got it up and running and was able to connect to all equipment for about a month. Last week, SGP stopped connecting to my QHY163 and QHY filter wheel.
SGP still connects to my Pegasus Focuser and Losmandy G-11 without issue.
My QHY163 and filter wheel still connects to both EZCAP_QT and SHARPCAP PRO without issue.
I’m running:
ASCOM Platform 6.5 RC1
ASCOM QHYCCD Camera Capture Driver

Any help in what to try would be greatly appreciated!

I was running a QHY247C and filter wheel recently without issue using the same ASCOM driver. I notice you are using ASCOM 6.5 RC1. That is very recent - does changing to that platform version correspond to when you started seeing issues?

Buzz, Unfortunately no. Started with ASCOM 6.5 when I started with SGP Thanks for asking

I resolved the problem by changing the “camera” in the sequencer from “QHYCCD-Cameras-Capture” to “Simulator”, connecting and disconnecting from “Simulator”, and then changing back to “QHYCCD-Cameras-Capture” where I was successful connecting. Don’t know what changed, but it works now.

thanks for letting me know, I was going to experiment myself to see if I could reproduce it.

One thing I have noticed, the latest ASCOM driver for QHY introduced a bug on gain and offset. While before, you could set up a list of different values and give them familiar names, in the latest version, if you select one, the driver does not remember what the selection was in the next session. QHY are aware of it and I expect they will fix it at some point.

Holy cow! I kept looking at your pic thinking “Where do I know that guy?”.

Since the pandemic, I’ve been in your “classroom” on youtube learning SGP for hours and hours listening to each part over and over until I get an understanding. While I truly appreciate anyone and everyone’s efforts to share their knowledge on youtube, your lessons are absolutely prima! I can’t thank you enough for the efforts you’ve gone to share your knowledge! I haven’t taken deepsky pics for about 7 years and stuck with a DSLR back then. Moving to a cooled mono is a big jump and your explanations are much appreciated! Thanks again!