SGP stopped working - what does Performing Serialize mean?

sg_logfile_20161129195349.txt (156.4 KB)


We’re having one of our very infrequent clear nights with no moon here in the UK…and SGPro has stopped working mid sequence after the first image had been downloaded.

I’ve attached a log and the problem occurs at 8:41:10PM. SGPro became unresponsive and appears to “Transferring view to data model…” and then “[MF Update Thread] Performing serialize…” nine minutes later. I requested a sequence abort at 8:51:45 …and nothing happened, so at 8:54:27 I closed SGPro.

I then rebooted SGPro and it’s working fine now - with the same gear connected.

Any ideas would be gratefully received please.




Not 100% sure based on the logs, but if I had to guess I would say there is a timing issue with some critical memory that SGPro is not handling well (but it’s actually quite rare… you just got lucky). If that is the issue, the fix should be pretty simple. Doesn’t look like SGPro was interacting with any gear when the sequence stopped responding…

Thanks Ken - it’s actually happened before a couple of times - once while trying to close the dome shutter and once in the same circumstances as tonight. I didn’t mention them because I don’t have the logs anymore because I thought they were just flukes. Any fix you could come up with would be great please.

Hi Ken

The problem has just happened again - after the first frame of the night.

I’ve attached the log sg_logfile_20161130171715.txt (189.0 KB)

While this is going on SGPro IS responsive to the menu and toolbars, and continues to show PHD graph, temperature, weather etc. updates, so it just seems as though the sequence “dies”. GNS status updates stop as well.

On a “pause sequence” button click, the button just goes to “Aborting” and greys out, then nothing happens. On clicking “close” it asks whether this is OK with equipment connected and asks whether to turn the camera cooler off - as normal - then goes onto say that SGPro has encountered an unknown error and needs to close.

Just like yesterday, SGPro then works fine when re-started - it’s currently on Image 3 as I write this.

Thanks for any assistance you can give.




If you are able to produce this frequently it would be of some help to determine if the issues goes away when:

  • Notifications are turned off (ruling out weird interactions with GNS or other)
  • The auto save feature is turned off in the options dialog

Thanks Ken

All done - I’ll let you know how it goes…

Thanks again for such a fast response.