SGP, STT-8300 and PHD2

I image with the STT 8300 controlled by the camera software (CCDops). It guides great, though I have to manually dither (not really a big deal). But I would like to automate dithering and CCDops does not support it. PHD2 does-0-but to use that I must use SGP–which I have, just never learned how to use (I am new–been imaging since 11/2015–Learning everything at once is a bit overwhelming). I have heard of issues with SGP, PHD2 and STT-8300 self guiding filter wheel. I have never done a meridian flip either–where I live the trees sort of get in the way–I have to plan to image in a certain part of the sky and set up accordingly, so no meridian flip is fine with me. I have 2 questions

  1. assuming I can get PHD2 guiding to work–will the guiding be better than the CCDops controlled guiding?

2)How do you get SGP, the STT-8300 and PHD2 guiding to work?


I don’t know… never used CCDOPs guiding. I can say that thousands and thousands of people, including almost everyone on this forum, guide quite nicely with it.

You need to install a special guider driver found on our download page “API Guider”. Then in PHD2 choose that as your camera (not SBIG). Finally, in SGPro select the SBIG camera, choose its config, choose your guider type. Before you run the sequence, ensure that you go to the guider tab and select “Pause guider during download” or PHD2 might give you some trouble.

We need to write a guide on this for SBIG users, but lots of people use it.

Instructions come with the SGP API Guider. Probably also needs to live in our support docs.


I have been trying to get this to work for the same sbig self guided filterwheel. PHD2 is started from SGP and the camera and mount connects, but the guiding sequence never starts. Am I missing something? I have updated to the last ascom driver and the latest API Guider.