SGP system recommendations with 70MB+ subs over USB3


Maybe I worry too much, but some opinions would be lovely.
I’m gathering another mobile-friendly rig. Will make up my mind and order an ASI094 any day now. I realize this will mean huge files.

I have been very satisfied having USB-hub, focus controller and power-splitter at the OTA. Just a couple of cables to connect, a relief to be able to lift the OTA off the saddle and into a custom case, with short frozen cables…

This time I might take it a step further, using a dedicated OTA-mounted PC.
Italian PrimaLuceLab now has a new generation of their all-in-one products, the “Eagle2” and Eagle2 Pro":
EAGLE2: i3 5020 2.1GHz, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz, 120GB SSD – EUR1221 wo tax
EAGLE2 PRO: i5 5300 2.3GHz, 16GB DDR3 1600MHz, 256GB SSD – EUR1631 wo tax
(as you see from the prices, you must appreciate what you get beside the core PC-spec)

There’s very little testing to be seen around. So I asked them to do a “planetary shoot-out” to figure out how much load their boxes could process. They set up a QHY5III185 with SharpCap, and found that the Eagle2 (std, not pro) was saving at 14fps at the highest 1920x1200 (RGB24) resolution. I see that QHY says 96fps for that resolution.
Anyway, I was not going to use this particular PC for my planetary setup.

But how about SGP, huge files and USB3?
I really want the Eagles to soar! Apart from a bit troubled PC-spec (not the best RAM speed etc), they are such nice hubs. I have not yet tried a full-frame camera sporting USB3, and I don’t have lower-spec laptops around. Anyone?
Should I pass and continue to keep the laptops under the mount?

Thanks a lot.

What I’m really asking; did anyone notice issues using a low spec PC with SGP, while going to huge subs and USB3?

Nothing to do and I came across your post. I started off using an IBM Stick computer running on Windows10. It is not much bigger than a large memory stick and has a 1.8GHz clock, a small cooling fan USB3 and a USB2 port. Perfect for mounting on the OTA as you have described where the only dangling cable is the 5V power supply. The only problem I had is that it took 40 seconds to download and analyse my 32MByte subs. I switched to my old 2.3GHz i7 Win7 laptop just to see how it performed. It downloads in 2 seconds and analyses in 1 second. The Stick is now demoted to one function - display a dim blank screen of just the right brightness on an old monitor for taking Flats.