SGP total crash, reboot does not help

I was working with Framing, capture was in a loop, 1 second exposure, then SGP was gone, after restart I get this message. Using version
Now I did some checkings, when I remove the sgpro_settings.json file, it is creating a new one.
The problem comes when I open a Sequence who I have used before and again want to use then this problem is there, removing sgpro_settings.json solved the problem.
So something is wrong with the sequence file.

Ahh, this file is empty, zero bytes.
Now what, how is this happened and will it happen again and how do I get my sequence back???

Please install the latest release of SGPro (3.1).

Yes, just installed, do you think this will not happen again?
Regards Hugo

This sequence files, ther are very, very big, 12 mb, is this normal?
Regards Hugo

Maybe. Depends how many targets you have in the sequence and how many sequence images you have saved with the sequence.