SGP Tutorial videos (Youtube)

A few years ago I made a series of tutorial videos on SGP. SGP has moved on from then and I am going through these and updating (now using Youtube for convenience). They will be useful to new users.

Setting up a sequence:
Setting up a sequence using the framing and mosaic wizard:
Manual flats :
Running a sequence :
Setting up PHD2 (calibration) :
PHD2 guider algorithms and challenges:
Meridian Flips:
Focusing :

I’ll update the links as I finish them



Will pin this. Thx!

I’m gradually getting through the standard topics and just need a good clear spell to finish off the guiding and meridian flip tutorials.

If there are any other requests, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

Happy New Year and thanks for these Chris. Very well focused videos where you can actually see what is going on with the screen presentation.

One suggestion would be a tutorial for focusing, comparing the new focus algorithm to the old.

Gunny - I will see if I can expand what is already there. I would have to load an old version of SGP to directly compare the V and U methods. I have not heard of any cries to go back to the V version, so it probably makes sense to expand on getting the best out of the current AF process.

I’m not sure if comparing new and old algorithms is really worth while, especially from a tutorial perspective. But we do get a lot of questions on how to setup auto focus. I’d second that recommendation!

Thank you!

Gunny, hope that helps

Hello Buzz,

Thank you so much for this great video. You did a great job of explaining the theory of hfr vs. single star focusing. The video itself is well done, and you don’t have to squint your eyes to see what is going on.

A very good series of videos for the SGP crowd.

Happy New Year Buzz.


Watching the two PHD2 Guiding tutorials you just published on YouTube. It appears that in the play list, there are two Part 7a entries and no Part 7b.


thanks - looks like I updated one and the old one did not delete.

I have not completed 7b yet - the seeing has been terrible and the guiding sucks with almost any setting at the moment

Second guiding video added - on algorithms and challenges, a third likely with parameters.

Another great one.


Thanks for updating your excellent video tutorials on SGP.
I also love your book!

Mark W