SGP und QHY FilterWeehl 7x36 mm

Hello dear Astrotreff community,

Unfortunately I don’t speak English and have translated this with deepl. I hope it is understandable.

I have a QHY268m pro and the QHYCFW3 FiterWeehl with 7x36mm filters.
I am using SGP Pro version
QHY driver package: QHYCCD_Win_AllInOne.
ACOM driver package: AscomPlatform662.4195

The filter wheel is connected to the camera via the 4-pin cable. The correct setting has been made on the filter wheel with the PIN. The lamp lights up green.

After installation, I named the 7 filters in ASCOM according to my assignment.

  1. start SGP
  2. connection camera, filter etc.
  3. setting filter wheel - 7 filters available
  4. recordings made - everything ok
  5. all devices disconnected
  6. change sequence to flat
  7. all devices reconnected
  8. filter wheel setting - only 5 filters left

If I then switch back to 7 filters, they do not remain set. It always switches back to 5 filters. If I now reinstall QHY and ASCOM, I can set 7 filters again, but only once. The second time I start it, it is 5 filters again.

This does not happen in Astroart 8 (demo).

Translated with (free version)

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Hi Ralph,
I know this situation is quite infuriating, having been through it at some point.
Using the latest Beta ( the problem does not show up anymore. I can’t be sure it will work for you but it is worth a try.

Thank you for the tip. I’ll try it again tomorrow.

I have encountered this problem. It was resolved when my camera’s settings were OK’ed FIRST then the 7 filters appeared. (I was with my old QHY294M, same filter wheel).

So before connecting the camera, open the settings, set Gain and/or Offset, then click OK.

I believe if you immediately connect the camera it may default to 5 filters.

I had the same issue a couple of times in the last 12 months. Each time I only solved it by reinstalling the QHY all in one drivers. No idea what caused it, can be imaging fine one night then next night two filters missing.

Thank you for the information. I will install the new beta version. Let’s see if that helps.

Thank you for the information.

The number of filters in SGP is set by going to the control panel and defining the filter list.

Unfortuntely, the issue isn’t on SGP’s side, but seemingly with the ASCOM driver.
Using the native driver (in NINA) results in no problem.

There is a longstanding problem with SGP doing an initial filter change on the QHY EFWs. It works after doing one filter change manually. As you say, NINA does not have that problem, but I knolw SGP well.


What I mean is that if you use the ASCOM driver on NINA the problem exists as well. Only the native driver prevents it there.

You find the solution? I have the same problem with the last version. Thank you

I have been lucky since the release of the last two beta versions as the problem is gone, but I’m expecting it to return.

I’m using only three filters these days so I can live with it.

Well my luck ended. I am now back to using NINA as the EFW is unusable :frowning:

I was able to solve it by going back to an older version. And after months I dared to update to the latest version last week and it works fine.

Would you believe I got it working by doing this:

I wonder why there is a max_position in the camera Ascom setting… Anyway, it works fine now :slight_smile:

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