SGP user returns, but with a DSLR

Greetings fellow SGPro users,

My name is Paul from England (UK) and I’m going to try using SGP once again. I ditched it in favor of using another camera control program that was easier to use and above all else. Easier on the wallet.

I will be using SGP with the following Astro- gear.

WO ZS 61 with the Z61 Field Flattener.
Modified Canon 600D (a) with an Optolong L-Pro eos clip
Losmandy G11 with Gemini 2
and PHD 2 guiding software.

For Platesolving I will use PS2 this is the program I used with my other software to plate solve and it worked very well.

Once I have done all the necessary testing to be certain it all works with a DSLR and I can shoot color and save in RAW format.

I shall upgrade to the very latest version of SGP and renew my owner’s license. I am using SGP Ver 2. something.

Can you believe it? I actually stopped using this software in 2014 after my license expired. I used it then with my Atik 428 EX CCD camera ( which I still have). But I couldn’t get SGP to work properly. This was a user error. Plate solving was the issue. I was using Elbrus and found the art of PS a pain in the butt.

It’s now late 2020 and I have decided to go back and try again. I’m getting some good results from my modified 600D and seeing how I own SGP it’s a shame not to use it.

How many members out there use SGP with a DSLR?

While I can’t offer many actual anecdotal experiences with a DSLR, I can say we have “many” DSLR users. I will also caveat this and note that SGPro starts to suck wind a little with these newer DSLR cameras with enormous image files, but it does still work fine. The 600Da does not suffer from this issue.

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