SGP V2.3.10.2455 crashing

Hi Jared and Ken,

I seem to be having a lot of issues with this latest version of SGP crashing - last night four times and once the night before. I am getting the message “Sequence Generator has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly, Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

There is no pattern to when this occurs - once during autofocus, once after and the other times mid exposure.

I can send the logs if that helps - just let me know how to get them to you.



Please read through this:

Thanks Ken,

I had a read through the How to ask for help document - here are the responses requested:

  1. Can’t see any other threads re V2.3.10 crashes
  2. Operating system is Win7 SP1 64bit
  3. SGP Version is
  4. Created dropbox account and have created links below to the three SGP log files:

  1. SGF file:

  2. Description of what happened is in my OP.

  3. The crash time coincides with the creation of the three log files - ie the end of the log file in each case.

Looking at the last entry in each log it looks like it was trying to change QSI gain/readout speed in each case?



Had one more crash tonight - SGP just idling with PHD2 guiding at the time (ie no sequence running). Here is a link to the log:

After that it ran for 5 hours without an issue.