SGP v4.2.0.1129 not quite getting HFR on stars right when there was light clouding

Just a note to say yesterday when I switched to the latest version of SGP it had a lot of trouble finding best focus when there was light clouding and possibly dim stars.

Earlier version I found worked rather solidily - I was not sure if the solve routine simply wasn’t able to pick up the stars - and not saying hey I can’t reliably find the stars - or reporting a lot of ghosts as stars.

I was doing a few tests on the Helix nebulae NGC 7293 until light clouding came in - plus I had real issues (under another thread) with Camera cooling tool refusing to say it was in cooling mode versus warming mode - so no event plans could be triggered.

I will check my light frames for test images are correct - normally I say take 10 shots of 5 seconds each on a Williams Optics FLT 115mm scope into a ZWO ASI 071MM-c camera operating on a Moonlight DRO controller focuser - and everything goes silky smooth.

Last night was the exact opposite with this release version - focusers and cameras just didn’t want to play nice.

So I have reverted versions back to 1118 and will see if that finds star more reliably and pass that on in this thread if that is the case. Normally I get nearly perfect U curves hour after hour, night after night for teh past 6 weeks! Last night the autofocus curve looked like a earthquake curve that was overall flat - so I don’t think it detected real stars correctly!

I’m not sure. The only differences between the version you used and 1118 are with meridian flips and logging. That’s not to say it can’t be related to some unexpected side effect of those changes, but there have been no changes to auto focus in quite some time.

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