SGP waiting for not selected equipment

Today I noticed that when I wanted to start a sequence without dome-control and without dithering, that starting a sequence without them was not possible by simply choosing “No observatory” and “No auto guider”. The reason that the sequence did not start was because of several checkboxes being checked like “Slave on sequence start”, “Park observatory with mount”, and the check box “For … seconds”.

One would expect that deselecting the observatory and auto guider would cause SGP to ignore those settings, but I had to uncheck them before sequence could be started. Is this (un)intended behaviour?


The same is true of autoguider-related controls and some focuser sub-controls too. You have to go through all the settings and disable all equip-related options.
I see your point. It is one of those things that you tend to live with, once you realize what is needed.

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This behavior is intentional. While I realize it may be annoying from time to time, we are of the school of thought that SGPro should not make assumptions when a conflict arises in the sequence. Many times, the sequence is directed to a thing with equipment and, accidentally, no equipment has been selected. Because of this, we force a user resolution of the issue.

That said, I think what is needed is a way to actually remove a piece of equipment AND it’s actions from a sequence. This action should not be difficult, but also should not be as easy as an errant tap of the scroll wheel (which is all it takes to de-select equipment right now). I’ll think about this for a minute.

Hi Ken,

thanks for your explanation. Perhaps you need two minutes: would it not be nice that when a piece of equipment is removed, that the settings are temporarily disabled, so adding that piece of equipment will remember its last settings? :wink:


Closing due to inactivity. If this is still an issue, please send the requested information and “uncheck” this thread as solved.