SGP wasn't checking for meridian flip

Just thought I let the folks here know that during my last unattended session, SGP failed to do a meridian flip. That is, no meridian flip was attempted and the mount continued imaging well past the meridian. Looking at the log file shows that SGP was checking after every image if a flip was needed until the scope had to slew to it’s next target at about 11:40pm. Once on the new target though, SGP wasn’t checking if a flip was needed at the end of each image. At about 2:30am, I checked on the telescope to find that it clearly hadn’t done a meridian flip so I restarted the sequence and it flipped to the right side. After that, the log shows SGP was checking after every frame if a flip was needed until the sequence ended at 6am.
I’m doing another unattended session tonight so I’ll see if the problem repeats. I’m not expecting technical support or anything as I can’t find any checkbox or something that I didn’t tick so wondered if I discovered a bug.

Link to Logs

Useful Info
Mount: NEQ6

OS: Windows 10 Home
Ver: SGP version

It looks like the telescope disconnected around 11:46. After that point SGP could no longer get the meridian status.

[06/03/21 23:46:26.628][DEBUG][Equipment Connectivity Thread][SQ;] SGPro thinks the telescope is connected, but it's not, syncing UI...
[06/03/21 23:46:26.628][DEBUG][Main Thread][SQ;] Adding sequence level notification: External disconnect of telescope detected...
[06/03/21 23:46:26.684][DEBUG][Equipment Connectivity Thread][SQ;] Sending Notification: Warning - External disconnect of telescope detected...
[06/03/21 23:46:26.691][DEBUG][Main Thread][SQ;] Disconnecting ASCOM Telescope: EQMOD.Telescope


Ha! Didn’t think to look for that. I can’t recall if the mount was connected or not when I restarted the sequence. Glad it’s not an SGP problem then. Thanks for that.