SGP Will not startup


I’m running Windows 10 (the latest build). I had SGP trial running fine and then it expired. It would not continue to run after trial period.

I tried to reinstall the latest release and the latest release candidate today. It gets to the splash startup screen, warns me that my trial has expired, and disappears when I dismiss the screen.

Should this dump me into the Lite version at this point?

I’ve deleted profiles, etc. prior to each install to start fresh to no avail.

Any ideas?


P.S. I’d buy the Pro version but not until I get this to work, unless someone can give me confidence that my $99 won’t be wasted.

Okay. I paid for SGP. I’ve registered via the splash screen successfully. The screen disappears and nothing comes back.

Same symptoms as before but now I’m $99 poorer. :slight_smile:

Maybe uninstall first.

Delete %appdata%\local\Main_Sequence_Software directory



Thanks for the tip. However, I have done this a few times. I’ve made sure all entries under AppData are cleaned out and no traces left in the Program Files folder.

I get a splash screen with scrolling information like it’s loading and then the splash screen closes and nothing follows. I’ve checked to see if any processes are left hanging but I see nothing.

Running Win 10 1903 over here.

I sent an email to Main Sequence requesting help.


Was just looking at your email but I’ll reply here. Is there any log created for SGP? I’d recommend sticking with the release version at the moment and not the beta. No point on pouring fuel on a fire if you’re having issues. Do you get any error or does the splash screen just disappear and then nothing?

Info on where to find logs is here:


Hi Jared,

Okay. Seems that I resolved the issue…

The log file was throwing a bunch of errors due to ASCOM not being installed. I installed ASCOM and it loads properly…I get into the program just fine.

I must’ve missed the detail about needing ASCOM.


Our installer should have caught that. I’ll see what’s up there.

Glad it’s working!


Thanks for the tip on the log file!

Glad I could help with pre-install ASCOM binaries installed check. :slight_smile: Something to look at I guess.

Now I need to learn how to use SGP.

All the best.