SGP with SiTech Controled focuser

I’m looking into the using SGP with a SiTech controlled system. Was wondering if any users are using the auto focuser feature with a focuser that is controlled with a SiTech I Controller. I downed loaded the trial and it looks like this is what I have been looking for to help with my imaging routine. I’m using a 12" Newt with a 3" ASA reducer/corrector, a Starlight Xpress H694C. I have to refocus about ever 3 to 5 one minute images that I take. This is after the OTA has cooled down near ambient. So I want to use SGP to do a auto focus ever 4 images thou out the night.

Anyone using these feature with a SiTech controlled mount and SiTech controlled focuser?

Thanks for any insight and experiences one has in regards to the above.

Steve B