SGP won't save my new profiles

Having trouble saving new and overwriting old profiles. Just upgraded today but his has been an issue for somtetime?

any ideas?

Not off hand. We would need a more specific description, possibly logs (not likely for stuff like this) and probably the actual profile(s) you are having trouble with (*.sgp files) so that we can inspect for corruption or other issues.

Ken, I’m having trouble saving equipment profiles. Can’t save new ones or update old ones. Where can I find log files for you to look at?


Can you elaborate on this a bit? Do you get an error? Does it appear to work successfully, but it doesn’t actually save? If so which values are you observing? Stuff like that.

Details on help requests are here (not sure that logs will have any useful information for this issue):

No, I don’t get any error message.
Yes, It appears to work successfully but never changes the old values.
No values are changed or created when i hit the save button.
If I create a new profile the name of the profile is created but ll the values for camera focus settings ect… are the default settings.

Ken, I was able to save a profile last, but only when in the equipment profile model. It was my understanding that (I may be wrong) that once a profile is loaded you could make changes to the profile in any of the models i.e. change camera settings or focus parameters then and so long as you enter the equipment profile model and hit save it would save those setting, is that not the case?


Hi Charles

If I understand correctly, you have created a new sequence with an Equipment Profile and then changed some parameters in the Control Panel. You have assumed that these changes are saved within the Equipment Profile.

As you may have found, the changes you have made to the parameters are stored within the sequence file but not within the Equipment Profile. This is the expected behaviour.

If you want to amend the parameters and then overwrite these in the Equipment Profile you have to choose the ‘Save Sequence as Profile’ option under File. Or alternatively, Open the Equipment Profile, make the changes and then save.

Think of profiles as like a template, you apply this to a sequence and then any changes you make to the sequence using the Control Panel are particular to that sequence.