SGP3 Purchase Testers Needed

Hey all,
Before we go live with SGP3 in the next couple of days I need a little assistance testing the complete end to end purchase flow of SGP3. I need a couple of users who 100% plan to purchase/upgrade to SGP3 in each of the following categories:

  • New purchase (not an upgrade) All full
  • Upgrading from base SGP2 (no add ons)
  • Upgrading from SGP2 with the Framing and Mosaic Wizard or Notification System All full
  • Upgrading from SGP2 with BOTH addons.

For your time and help you’ll be given a 20% discount off of your purchase price as well as early access (like a day or 3 early) to SGP3 to also help verify that the registration flow is working. As I want to test the complete workflow the discount will come in the form of a refund on the purchase and not a discount code.

If interested please reply back to this thread and also let me know which of the 4 categories above you fall into. People will be picked in the order they respond to keep things fair. I need 2-3 people from each group.


I am interested.
New purchase. Not an upgrade

I’m interested, too.
Upgrade including mosaic wizard without notification system.


I will buy it.
SGP2 + Framing and Mosaic

Here I am:
Upgrade from base SGP2 (no add ons).


Confirm 100% plan to purchase

Upgrade from SGP2 and FMW.


Count me in, SGP with Framing and Mosaic Wizard (upgrade from 2)

I definitely plan to upgrade to Vers 3. Currently running SGP with Framing and Mosaic Wizard vers 2.
I do like that you have just included the framing and mosaic to vers 3 by default, VERY handy and wouldn’t want to do without it now.

Upgrading from SGP2 + Single Addon is all full. Still need one more person in each of the other 3 categories.


Have trial version but will buy full version


Hi, 100% new, plan to purchase.

New purchases are full. Still would like one person with both add ons and one person with no add ons.


I am upgrading from SGP2 + MFW + Notifications.

Ok, I think we’re good. I’ll pm you all within the next day or two.

Closing down this thread.