SGPro 2.4 - can't read TEMPerHUM properly


I have a TEMPerHUM device. But 2.4 seems to read the wrong temperature. I reads something around 50 degrees. When I use the TEMPerHUM program, it reads the temperature correctly (~15 degrees).

Here is the log file:

Here is a log file when using the internal FLI focuser - which seems to work correctly:

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Hi there, this issue is not restricted to version 2.4 I had it in 2.3 also. I thought 2.4 corrected the issue but when I tested it further I discovered that actually the temperature initially read correctly but froze. There seems to be two versions of the temperature sensor which are indistinguishably physically.I am fast coming to the conclusion that the temperature hardware devices are poorly executed and even their own software fails to run reliably on a PC.It is a shame these do not work, as they are sensibly priced.
I do not think that Ken or Jarod can really do much more if the device itself is so unreliable and the (PCSensor) support is so poor, (I’ve asked them to give guidance on selecting devices, twice, with no reply).

We plan on adding a user definable offset.

We’ll likely have this out in a future 2.4 beta release.


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This sensor worked perfectly in 2.3. Never had any problems.

I wonder if mine is working. It seems to respond differently if I wiggle the connector. I have ordered another from HK.