SGPro 2.6.0,23 not obeying naming conventions for files entered into Control Panel

In the Options > Custom File Naming Pattern of the program, I use a custom naming convention

I have had issues recently where my son manually changed the target file name in a sequence to fit how he names things for processing. Since that time, all newly created sequences use what he entered manually and will not revert back to the file naming pattern I have set in the options. It has caused the mixup of dozens of hours of images now and can’t figure out how to get it to revert back and obey the custom settings without manually entering that into the sequence each time.

I have tried to enter the custom pattern and save but the next new sequence always goes back to what my son put in.

It seems like a bug but maybe there is another place to enter this that I can’t find.

Doing a bit more digging on this, I also see this same behavior with profiles in SGpro not being saved to open and connect PHD2 profiles. Even if you manually set the profile to connect PHD2 with in the SGpro control panel settings, exit the program and come back in. They are not retained and revert back

I know that SGpro3 beta is hot right now. Can anyone test this and see if they are having the same issue on Version? I am also now seeing this same issue with control panel temperature settings etc. It seems they stick as well upon opening and closing the program. I can send a screen video of the issue if that would help.I did find that if I save a sequence, the specific sequence when called back up will retain the correct path, but if you start a new one, it does not save.

I have uninstalled and re-installed but the result is the same. I can install the beta for version but it did not mention this issue so I didn’t want to compound the investigation.

The control panel settings are populated based on equipment profiles. If you are not changing the equipment profile, it’s expected behaviour that settings in the control panel are reverted if you close and reopen SGP. You need to change the equipment profile and save the changes.

Thanks for the info Naavis,

I looked over that setting 2-3 times and didn’t realize that was a profile name and not the file name override. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. That solves this issue.