SGPro 4 - dual version support where are we at?

Is there any information for SGPro 4 beta on the support for dual SGP instances?

I now have a setup with 2 cameras/telescopes on same mount and can set up 2 instances, but i am unable to get them to work properly (i’m just guessing on how to make them work now: one has the telescope control and the other is just imaging)



I asked the same question two weeks ago and there has been dead silence.

It would be nice to get some info here

I found running two copies resulted in various issues such as not keeping the sequence start times separate. they conflicted with each other


can we get some clarity on when we might expect this in SGPro 4?

And if it’s possible to participate in beta, happy to help. Waiting on this feature since it was announced



2 instances should work fine, in isolation from one another. Can you expand on the issue you’re experiencing?

Were you running 2 instances of the same sequence?


Can you expand on the issue you’re experiencing?


I am running two separate instances, and two separate sequences.

“main” version has telescope control, handles dithering, etc.
“sub” version has just sequence information (no goto, dither, etc.)

i’ll take the hit on uncoordinated dither for now

What i’ve seen:

  • I start up two separate instances with two separate sequences
  • when I start the second sequence, it appears to try and start a target from the first sequence, even though that target is not part of the second sequence
  • if I abort “main” sequence, “second” sequence reports waiting for next target, even though that target isn’t on the list of active targets in “second”

and I’m happy to do additional testing or do something more controlled


Still no “real” reply on this question. What I mean by that is true multi-instance, multi-camera support with coordinated dithering. That is what nearly everyone means when they ask for multi-camera, not just the ability to run multiple cameras in multiple instances. The latter works but by it’s nature will mess up at least some of the frames from one or more of the cameras. Not what we need for our precious sky time and for a dual camera mode where the entire idea is to produce more data!

Is this ever going to happen? When? Many of us would love to have even a test version.