SGPro Aborted sequence when it should not have done

Hey Guys

I noticed some behaviour last night, so before I post the log extracts I have my “Sequence Recovery” set to attempt to recover every 5 minutes for 90 minute period. Also the object that it aborted on was set to finish at 3:30AM but another object was set to finish at 5:00AM

During the Sequence of the Elephant’s Trunk which was scheduled to finish at 3:30AM and then move to the Wizard Nebula until 5AM, it lost the guide star, so SGPro behaved normally and attempted to recover as you can see from the logs below:

So my question is why does SGPRO abort the whole rest of the sequence and not continue to perform a sequence recovery on the next target until the 90 minute period for sequence recovery has elapsed?


Can you post your entire log please?

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Hey Jared

Here’s the link to the file


SGPro recovery has never been able to do this. The next 3.1 beta will provide an option for it.

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