SGPro and ASA Mounts (Autoslew)

Hi, i am just about to buy a ASA mount and has been reading the manual a couple of times just to get a hang of how the asa-mounts works (in theory)

The strength of ASAs high performance mounts lies to a high degree in the software (Autoslew)
You setup the initial alignment and polar alignment, balancing the mount and fine-tune the motors.
To get the mount running you simply “Autohome” the RA and DEC axis to the encoder position and your good to proceed to making the model.
Like Per Frejvall demonstrated with his 10Micron, ASA’s software “Sequence”, in conjunction with “Autoslew” can automatically generate a large model och hundreds of stars.
When this is done, Autoslew calculates all errors and you can now start tracking with (hopefully) 20min unguided subs.

Here is where my question comes in;
As i understand, Autoslew must be run to be able to run unguided just because of the model generated in Autoslew, or can SGPro somehow use this model to?

Regards, Daniel

I would ask the manufacturer how it works. I’m not sure how many 10Micron users we have.

You might have to use just the slew command instead of plate solving.

Like @mads0100 said you can effectively use your model by using “slew to” in target settings (instead of center on). We do not attempt to sync the scope after that operation. Also, with no guider, you will want to use “Direct Mount” dithering (choose in the auto guider tab).

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That sounds promising, do you know if the function MLPT will work also? ( a function where you create a local pointning file in autoslew just for the path for the object you want to track for the night.

I am also qurious if SGPro is able to do a “auto home” (after motors is powered off, you need to do a slew for the encoders to know where the axis are)
Before it begins its session.


Take attention here : both paramounts and ASA mount rely to a pc with prioritary software to control the mount.
SO , not sure how SGP can goes in // with asa"s software, you may have the same dependancies shown with paramount
mounts (at least, sync behavior with auto center sgp function seems to cause problems)
the 10 micron mounts accepts without problems sgp syncs , as you can differenciate the sync behavior inthe ascom driver
(sync to add a point to the model , or sync to align model this one is to use when connecting through SGP on a 10 micron mount)