I am really interested in purchasing SGPRO looks like a great product. I am a little confused. I currently use EQMOD and Stellarium. Will I even need these programs anymore? I do use a hand control mainly for polar alignment and centering on an object. Any info would be helpful

You will need EQMOD. This is like a mount driver and is what SGPro will proxy its commands to the mount through. Search around our forums for EQMOD to find some less than obvious parameters you will need inside the EQMOD in order to be successful.

You can still use Stellarium. It’s a nice planetarium, but SGPro and Stellarium are apples and oranges (mostly)… used for different purposes. In terms of mount control and pointing, SGPro will take over on the front.

SGPro is designed so that you never have to do that again. Center within pixels on a target with a click of a button. Can be a previous night’s image, something you found on astrobin… whatever. The whole idea is to move away from painful pointing and framing methodologies. Polar alignment is still outside the functionality of SGPro.

Here is a getting started tutorial by Alex M:

Here is a video by Harry showing off things you are asking about here:

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thanks for the input. ill give it a try tonight