SGPro and USB_Focus

Does anyone know, if SGPro works together with USB_Focus v3?
If “yes”, are there certain things to observe?
Attention: Please consider, that I mean the USB_Focus from Vincent Auvray (
And please excuse my terrible English :-)!
Thank you!


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As long as it is an absolute focuser and has an ASCOM driver, it should work fine. SGP does not work with relative focusers.


Hello, I use the USB_Focus and it works great with SGPro…
I use it at an SW8" with EQ6…
but i have problems to devine an Park Position…it uses only the Pole one,but in EQMod i told him to use an Custom…i will ask this in an xtra thread…

greetings from Germany

Thank you both very much!
USB_Focus is controlled via ASCOM-Driver, so it should work. And Werner told us, that his Setup works well.
Now I am sure, that the Dollars for SGPro are worth.

Greetings (also from Germany)

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Hello, for more Details its the normal usb_focus up to 5kg…i use it with the usb for energy…and an g2-8300 with external filterwheel stepsize 30 and 10 steps on autofokus routine…hope to deliver soon pictures…

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