SGPro and Windows 10

I have been testing SGPro against Windows 10 for a few days now (PHD2 also for that matter) and I have not noticed anything amiss. Please let us know if you see odd behavior and we’ll take a look.


Ken, back on February 28 you put up a post about operating systems and cameras support. At that time, it was posted that Canon cameras would work through Windows 8.1. Has anything changed since then as far as Canon camera support in SGPro and Windows 10? I use a Canon 6D and sometimes a Canon 70D with SGPro and have been contemplating upgrading to Win10, but don’t want to do this and find SGPro is not working with my Canon cameras. I’m using SGPro Can you verify the status on this?


Unfortunately, the answer is that we don’t know yet. While SGPro is compatible, we are not sure if the Canon SDK is fully compatible. That reminds me that we need to look at the latest SDKs to see if any Windows 10 specific releases have been made (by Canon).

Not a conclusive test by any means, but I just tried my T4i with Windows 10/SGP, and it worked fine. Just a single frame, so again, take it as an initial test… :smile:

A new SDK was released in May (version 3.2). We are testing this to see how it does… Nothing new released from Canon since the official release of Win 10 though.

Hi Ken

Do you know if the Canon SDK allows now SGP to work with Canon DSLRs under Windows 10?



Windows 10 works perfectly with the following:

A-P1100GTO mount with A-P V2 ASCOM driver
QSI 660wsg camera
Ultrastar/Lodestar autoguider
Optec Focus Boss II auto focuser with Handy Stepper Motor and Posi-Drive (have not imaged with it yet)


Ok, I just tasted indoors my gear and everything seems to work well with Windows 10 Home, including the Canon T1i DSLR:

  • SGP
  • PHD2 2.5.0
  • Canon T1i DSLR
  • Feathertouch/microtouch focuser
  • Orion StarShoot Autoguider
  • iOptron CEM60 mount

Hopefully this information can be useful for other users.


Bogotá, Colombia