SGPro failed to start up

The other night I had my SGPro ver 2.7 fail to open and start fully, it got stuck at the “Checking license” part. I let it go around 15 min and it did not load,.
t seems to have hung the system, so I had to power cycle it.

I could not even access the task manger to end it.

This is a W10 laptop that has been working fine for years. It is getting old and I am trying to get a new one setup, but I am having driver issues, so I still need to use it.

But now whenever I try to start it it does not do anything.
I reinstalled the SGPro software over itself, and it still won’t do anything.
I did not want to uninstall if I don’t need to because I will lose all my settings and configs I think.
Something has gotten corrupted, but I don’t know where to go from here.

I found a post about where to find the configs.
I found that I had a folder and a config file for each version I had (3) used.

The 2.70.599 version had a config file that only had the top section of info in it. I noticed the other version folders config file had a lot more info.

I found that when I copied the config file from the to the 2.70.599 and overwrote the file and then I could open it and start it with no issues again.