Sgpro minimizes every time

I am still using 2.6.1. version and any time I open a picture, open the equipment profile, open the sequence window or any other sub window in the program, when I close the sub window Sgpro minimizes to the bottom tab and I have to reopen the program from the icon on the bottom tab. It has done this as long as I remember and just wondering if there is a setting to stop from minimizing all the time?

Thanks Rick

This happens with my machine also. Windows 10 and the latest version of SGP. I’ve just gotten use to it.

Just to add my voice here - yes…has been happening here for a long time also. It was mentioned before if I remember correctly.

Like Robert - I have gotten used to it - BUT I DON’T LIKE IT!


+1 here also. Seems to only happen to me though when I have other programs open (like Stellarium) fighting for foreground focus. If SGPro is the only thing open, doesn’t happen.

Well I dont care for it either and I kind of got used to it also. It is nice to know though that it is not something I did. Thanks for the replies.

Any one know if it happens with the new SGP 3.0 version also?


I haven’t noticed anything strange. I think there is one dialog which when it closes, the focus reverts to another application, but SGP is not minimized…but there again, I went back to Win 7Pro as I became fed up with Windows updates and reboots undermining my confidence to run remote.

Yeah it happens in version 3 too. It’s slightly annoying but I’ve just gotten used to it.