SGpro not saving "Settle At"


When I change the Settle At figure in the autoguide tab of my equipment profile it is not saved. It always reloads at 0.1.

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As I can’t add to this without creating a new post I’ll just say here that joelshort below describes exactly the behaviour I found, reproducible and now in the Bugs section.

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I also see something wacky regarding the settle time in the equipment profile manager. Do me a favor, try to save the “settle at” time wherever you want it (regardless if it sticks or not). Then try to create a sequence based on that profile and let me know if the settle at time is correct or not in the control panel.

I am unable to reproduce this. Whatever value I set my settle to profile at is saved (after clicking “Save”). The sequence loads this value as well. Tried profile values of 0.5 and a custom entry of 2.2.

Ken, here’s what I observe: when in the equipment profile, whatever profile I click on first displays 0.1 in the autoguide tab. It doesn’t matter what profile, whichever one I choose first displays 0.1 However, when I then go to any other profile, or even back to the first one, the correct value is displayed (0.7 in my case). Also, when I create a sequence from a profile the correct value is set. That’s why I asked Doug to create a sequence based on the profile and see if the correct value is there.

Thanks Joel… I am able to reproduce this… moving to bugs.