SGPro reports different "Time to Meridian" then EQASCOM

Hi All

I have been experiencing a few issues recently, I am using the Skywatcher EQ8 Pro and EQASCOM V1.27l

SGPro reports a different time to Meridian than EQASCOM, for example, right now EQASCOM reports that it has already reached meridian but SGPro reports there are 31 minutes to Merdian

In SGPro, it reports the same RA and DEC coordinates as EQASCOM, so why does SGPro report a different Time to Meridian?


Do you have the “Degrees past meridian to flip” enabled? Control
Panel/Telescope tab/Set (meridian flip options).
Meridian flip options

Meridian flip options

If the degrees past meridian to flip is set to a positive number, that
could account for the discrepancy of time to flip.

Hi Joel

No I do not have that option set, I noticed the discrepancy when performing a “Center Now”, the mount reported it was past Meridan yet SGPro would not “Flip” the pier, I did some digging and found that SGPro was not reporting the value correctly as EQASCOM is


go to EQMOD’s setup. On the right side under the Ascom options, SideOfPier.
Set it to Physical.


Yes I have noticed this odd behaviour, hopefully this tip will resolve it…

I may have had a similar issue with premature flip when switching targets. See my previous post.

With it set to “Physical” it is currently around 50 seconds difference, but that is in my “Home” Position and Sidereal rate, it’s too cloudy to tell for sure, will let you know



Nope, that made no difference, at the moment the scope is poointing at 22:47:11 in RA and 58 Deg 1’ 19" and EQASCOM reports 39 min to Meridian yet SGPro reports 1hr 10 min to Meridian