SGPro showing disconnection often

Hi there.

Been running SGPro for several years and always been happy with it - and still remember my first automated Meriden flip :grinning:.

I suspect my issue is mine alone due to my setup but I’m sure that there are many with similar steps.

I run a NUC on the mount and remote in using a ChromeBook. My issue is that often, ie several times a night, SGPro reports it has lost contact with the mount (TSX ascom). It will less often, but also multiple times a night, show the same with all the other equipment (camera, filter, focuser, etc). It indicates this either via message in notifications and/or moving off the green colour in the sequence viewer to mostly no colour ( I dont think it goes red).

The thing is - 95% of the time it is still connected and camera is taking photos, filter wheel will move etc etc. guiding is still guiding. The mount is still working of course as it’s under TSX / TPOINT control - although if I click connect, TSX makes the TSX startup sound.

So it’s annoying but not catastrophic but occasionally, because I don’t know what is actually happening, I’ll stop/reconnect/restart the sequence.

I remote in with RDS and sometimes chrome Remote Desktop - it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Issues this this can be difficult to diagnose. My first thought is that there may be an issue with a USB hub if all of your devices are acting up. It can often be the way gravity or movement strains cabling or maybe even a USB power supply that is not well connected or going bad.

If you’d like to submit logs showing an instance of this, we can help look for any clues. Additional details here: SGPro - Help

Thanks Ken. I’ll review some logs and check my cables. There’s no Hub involved other than what is inside the mount so I’ll bypass that and see if I still get the problem. If I can’t resolve I’ll wait about a month and getting a mount circuit board upgrade and test again. If not resolved I’ll submit the logs. Thank you.

I guess my reason for asking was if there was a known bug on timeout etc but I gather not.
Thanks again.