SGPro Target names containing period characters

Hi. I’m using SGPro, and I find it excellent! I created a mosaic of 16 targets, using the Mosaic Framing Wizard. It created me 16 targets in my sequence, with names like “carina nebula; RA=10.74, DEC=-59.89; FOV=4; SUR=DSS2-C (3-04-2020 2:46:30 pm)-1”
This has been fine, and I’ve been taking images successfully for my mosaic.
However, then I noticed that 4 of the 16 targets had a different naming convention, namely “carina nebula; RA=10-74, DEC=-59-89; FOV=4; SUR=DSS2-C (3-04-2020 2:46:30 pm)-2”.
(notice that the period ‘.’ has been replaced with a dash or minus sign).
When I try to change these dash symbols back to a period, and save the sequence, it appears to work, but when I re-open the sequence the target name has reverted to the old (wrong) name. This is causing me a problem since my target name is included in my filename string (%ft%tn%tn_%dt_%el_%bi_%fe_%en_%fn ) so I have different directories being created for 4 of my 16 targets.
Is this a bug? How can I fix it?
Thanks! Dave

Some characters - periods, slashes, asterixes, question marks, maybe others are special characters in the file system and because of this can’t be used in a file name. It looks as if SGP is silently replacing the period with a dash.

There’s nothing that SGP can do about this, it is subject to the rules of the operating system. It probably doesn’t know this until the time comes to save the file so stopping and warning you wouldn’t be popular.

Hi Chris. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I expect that the issue is something about the filesystem’s naming restrictions. The funny thing is… it only happens for 4 of my 16 targets, which were all created automagically at the precise same time by the mosaic wizard in SGP. The indexes of the 4 that this is occurring for are 1,2,8 and 11 . Strange eh?? So I end up with some folders with periods, and some with dashes.