SGPro Update or Upgade Question

I have been a very happy user of SGPro for many years now. So yes, I am way back at version (embarrassing). Now I thought I would update. I have two installations (each driving a scope, camera, filter wheel) - one is windows 7, the other windows 10 pro. My questions:

  1. Since I have been very happy, I am tempted to just update to Is it still supported?
  2. Should I do a trial on and can I do that without overwriting This is so I can go back and forth between versions to evaluate the 3.0.x.x upgrade?
  3. Will my equipment and user profiles, guiding, and plate solving settings be compatible between a 2.x and 3.x version?
  4. I am at ASCOM Platform and PhD 2.6.5 now - (ASCOM 6.1 on the win 7 machine). Is this OK?

Thought I would get some advice and guidance before I completely upset my software setup.

Jim T.

Yes. 2.6 is still supported for major issues but it is not getting regular updates any longer. If something major is found we will address it.

Yes, you can install 3.0 in a different location. You’ll want to backup your sequences and profiles though. But everything should work well between the two. Also keep in mind that if you open and make changes to your profiles/sequences that they will likely no longer work in 2.6.

2.x to 3.x should be fine. 3.x to 2.x is not supported but may work (?)

Should be fine. Staying on the latest versions is always recommended.


All great advice. Thanks Jared.
Jim T.