SGPro yes/no camera off dialog ignores input

Windows 10 1809,, ZWO ASI1600M Pro, ZWO camera, when changing to another sequence, SGPro asks if camera cooling should be left on or turned off, then ignores your choice and disconnects camera itself. Replicated on two computers.

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I have experienced the same. However, IIRC this only happens when the camera is cooling down and has not yet reached the set point. In the current SGP version it seems that you have to wait until this procedure is finished, i.e. until the set point is reached.


Can I ask you ASI1600M guys an off topic question?

Does SG Pro offer you options such as ‘low’, ‘medium’ and ‘high’ gain, or even bespoke gain settings? I have an identical sensor in my Atik Horizon and I can’t control Gain in SG Pro (but I can in Infinity). I think it is an omission in the Atik ASCOM driver if it works OK for the ASI1600. I am trying to nail this down as something other than user data input error (which is always likely with new software!). But unfortunately, nobody in the Atik community has responded. So I thought I might ask you.

Does the log file suggest that the camera is ignoring a command, or that the command is never sent?

Unfortunately I didn’t take a look at the logfile after this happened. Since I made this experience, I avoided the situation by waiting till the set point was reached - so I don’t know.

A similar issue has been reported before: Minor but irritating. shut off cooling? - Sequence Generator - Main Sequence Software


I’ll see if it does it with the QSI - I have never noticed it but I was not looking for it either.

Yes I get this all this time. Extremely annoying.

(And no Noah you may not ask an off topic question - moderator can you delete or move hist posts please to keep this topic clear)

With ASI 1600 and SGP you can set any combination of gain/offset you like. You can pick one setting as your default setting and then also change it for each event for a target.

Well, SGP isn’t turning the cooler off. But when we disconnect the driver may be. Unfortunately different cameras implement this differently and we don’t have any control over that. Maybe we should change the wording to “Attempt to leave cooler on?”

Funny that literally the same reply was in that other thread:

I’ll make this change so it’s more apparent.


Hi Jared,

I experience this issue only during cooling down in a ramp (e.g. cool down to -15 °C in 5 min), if the set point is not reached yet. After having reached the set point, changing the sequence does not cause any trouble (ASI cameras, ASCOM driver).


Thanks Jared. You guys are great, I’m sure some solution will become available soon.

I get this all the time too. I can’t blame not at temp yet because my 1600 is of course at temp because I just finished a run, the cooling is still at my setpoint of -15 but when I save the current sequence and open the next one it always disconnects the camera and of course I have to wait for it to cool down before starting the next sequence.

This may not be under SGP’s control. The camera manufacturer may have decided to start their warm up process unconditionally when the camera is disconnected. This is to protect the camera from the thermal shock of warming up rapidly if the power is removed when the cooler is running.