SGP's first light with good known Cirrus Nebula as a test

I am new to SGP and this is my first try with SGP under the stars. I did the well known Veil Nebula as a test. The main goal was to check if my equipment works. This was also the first try of my new motorfocuser DIY. (

How I did it:

  • focus manually with a other software
  • switch to SGP and connect my Moravian G2-8300, Filterwheel, PHD2 …with a user and equip. profile
  • goto object with the mounts controller
  • manual center with the hand controller
  • platesolving with a local version of -> works
  • starting autofocus with 2xbin

  • create a RGB sequence, 7 frames per filter, autofocus at filter change, bias, darks

at 1h clouds came up and the sequence stopped with the log “guide star lost”. I am sure that there is a way the bias or darks run after this. I am in the learning curve.

-processing with PixInsight

Image at Astrobin