SH2-132............ 8 nights imaging

My effort - totaling 30 hours. I have tried to put a higher res shot on the web site…but cannot do it today for some reason…maybe just as well.:smile:

I feel I should really go though all the subs and looks a bit closer and perhaps dump some…for 30 hrs I thought I would have been able to pull more detail out. Where I live though, I fight the humidity at this time of the year…not to mention the moon in the later subs for this one.

As usual for me - I stay clear of garish colours on my images…or…‘cartoon colours’ as I have seen them described somewhere. Still…hope you like it.

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Beautiful capture Brendan…well done.


Thanks Ray - I really hoped to do better but with up to 80% humidity on many nights at present, I guess I am missing the clear Winter nights that can make a good subject stand out.

Hehe Brendan, I can’t for the life of me offer any sympathy for any weather woes you may have in sunny Spain!
So far I’ve not been out for 3 months or so in Blighty!

I enjoy seeing your images though.


I guess Ray it boils down to “The more we have, the more we want”…but deep down, yes, we do well in southeast Spain as far as being able to get the scopes out and I should not be complaining.
I seem to remember you saying in another post that you have even put a night in for just one sub…that, I definitely couldn’t handle. I promise; no more complaints about the weather here (but in essence it was just an excuse to cover my processing :wink:)

Yes indeed I did, but it was worth it for me, I eventually got it published in Astronomy now :slight_smile:

I’m now fully mobile in the Motorhome and heading for Spain myself so maybe or hopefully that one night sub malarkey is over. :smile:

Absolutely wonderful, both in capture and (tasteful) processing.

@Doug1 Thanks for looking in Doug. I really appreciate your comment on this one.