Shutdown during darks capture

Here is the link to the logs.

I am trying to capture some 900 sec. Dark frames with my QSI 583

I successfully capture one, then when downloading the second frame SGP crashes
I am using a plain sequence and one started with an equipment profile.
Both exhibit the same behavior.
Using Win 10 on a Dell I7 laptop.

Any ideas.



Nothing looks amiss in the logs. SGPro reports no errors… it just stops logging when attempting to access the data stored on the camera. You would the need to use the camera’s logs to figure out what is going on for sure.

Make sure your QSI drivers are current, make sure your camera’s firmware is up to date.

Thanks Ken,
Being that you are using a QSI, do you know offhand where they are located?


In addition the drivers have just been reloaded and the firmware is the most current.
This is the same camera I am having the flats hang up on.
I have never had a problem with darks though.


Actually, I have never had to use them so I don’t know. The folks in the QSI Yahoo! group may know though. We have lots of 583/683 users though. Because of this I would start looking at anything between the camera and the computer first (or we would have had a rash of complaints if SGPro was just plain broken with these cameras).