Shutter Error Message with SBIG ST2000XM

I am not sure if this is an equipment compatibility problem but chose this category. I have seen an older post with people having the same problem with other SBIG cameras but though I should create a new topic as the other is a couple of years old.
. I have been using MaxIm Dl with my SBIG camera for years without issue. I tried Sequence generator pro and liked many of the features so I purchased it. I started using SGP with my SBIG ST200XM and their SGP API with PHD2 for autoguiding. I had a couple of good sessions and then I started to get the shutter error message in SGP. I disconnected my camera from SGP and Connected to MaxIm Dl and the shutter seemed to be working properly and was taking images without error. I then connected back to SGP and got the same error sometimes right away and sometimes after one successful image. I switched back and forth between SGP and MaxIm Dl several time and the camera worked without fail on Maxim. At first I suspected a problem with the SGP API driver so instead of using the onboard guiding chip on the SBIG I used an orion starshoot instead. For several sessions the problem remained gone and then came back again. Every time I switch to MaxIm there does not seem to be a problem with the shutter, but acts up immediately upon connecting back to SGP.
Because I am having no issue with the shutter on MaxIm it leads me to believe there is no problem with the camera shutter. I have contacted Bill Lynch at SBIG to see if he has any ideas. If anyone can help with this problem it would be much appreciated.

The only time I frequently got shutter errors is when trying to use a cheaper USB hub and/or cable on my ST8XME. I did not try another application so can’t say if it was at all related to SGP (though apparently not since a better hub fixed the issue for me).

Thanks for the reply. I am not using a hub but direct to my laptop. I will try a better cable to see if it helps.