Shutter release on plate solving image

I have a Nikon D5300 that I am using with SG Pro.

But I have an odd problem.

If I create a new equipment profile and then a sequence using the frame wizard the telescope slews takes a plate solving image, centers and then starts to take the images, excellent.

However at some point for the next target I create a new sequence with the frame wizard and the scope slews to target and SG Pro THINKS it is capturing a plate solving image but hasn’t actually fired the shutter. SG Pro is still capable of controlling the shutter (it will happily take “target one” pics or images without centering, just not the image for plate solving.

I have turned everything off, reconnected, rebooted etc to no avail

However if I create a new equipment profile and use that then everything works, for one or maybe two sequences.

What us going on?