Single button solution to export/open image in ASTAP (e.g. for analysis)


In the last months I had been fighting with tilt and collimation issues. For image analysis, I use ASTAP, which in its newest version has great tools for tilt, HFWD and roundness analysis.

Analyzing images in ASTAP requires to save the image (captured in SGP) to the hard drive and then to open it again in ASATP. After applying this procedure since many nights now, I really which that there would be something like a button (“open image in ASTAP for analysis”), or in a different program.
Could something like this be implemented?

As an alternative, would it be possible to implement sensor analysis (tilt, HFP mapping and roundness) in SGP?

Thank you, and all the best

Yes, this seems reasonable (and useful). We’ll consider this for implementation, but can’t commit to any dates at the moment.

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Thank you very much. I would appreciate this feature very much.

All the best, Jan

PS: I really like the recent improvements in SGP.

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