SkyAlert Generated Weather File - How to Set Up


I have a SkyAlert weather station that generates a Boltwood-compatible text file every 60 seconds. How do I set SGP (v3.0.1.0) to read this file? There doesn’t seem to be an option in the equipment pull down to set this.


I’ve never set one up but have you installed the Boltwood ASCOM driver?
(Safety Monitor Drivers)

Once installed you’ll see it under Equipment/Safety and Environment. You’ll need to click the down arrow below Focuser & Telescope to see them.

Thanks. I installed the ASCOM driver and SGP reads the weather data file OK.

I have a SkyRoof ASCOM roll-off roof automation control. Can SGP automatically command a roof closure if the weather file indicates an unsafe condition (e.g., wind, rain, etc.)?

— Kerry

I have the SkyRoof and SkyAlert and both work with SGP just fine. As above, you need the Boltwood ASCOM drivers. In the settings you can then set your safe parameters. SGP closes my roof just fine with either unsafe conditions or when end of sequence runs. Make sure you update to the latest versions of both SkyRoof and SkyAlert apps (Help–> check for updates).

Make sure you have the SkyAlert and SkyRoof applications set for your desired safe conditions as well. If for some reason SGP crashes or hangs, SkyRoof will also close the roof by itself. It’s a good backup to have.


Hi Chris,

What kind of slave settings do you use for SkyRoof?