Slave Settings - Dome Geometry - Diameter at Equator


In the help file it says:

“Diameter at Equator - The diameter of your dome at the equator. This should be measured from where your slit opening is. For example if your dome is skinned on the outside you would measure from the outside diameter. If it is skinned on the inside you would measure the inside diameter.”

For my dome this diameter is 80", which is roughly 2000mm. So, do I put 2000mm in for this measurement or half that (1000mm), as the mount is in the middle of the dome?

I’ve been told to use the radius value (1000mm) and not the full diameter which goes against the help file - please clarify?

Hi General,
just FWIW, my dome automation is LesvedomeNet. In my case I had to use the dome radius for the scope and dome to agree.