Slave To Telescope Crash

Today I was given a new version of firmware for my Pulsar dome rotary unit. It is version 1.11. I installed it and all seemed fine. I have control of the dome through the Pulsar software and through SGP. However, as soon as I click ‘slave to telescope’ in SGP it freezes and the dome doesn’t respond to anything. I have put a log file here:

There is a lot of stuff generated at [05/09/2016 19:29:12] which seems to relate to the ASCOM dome.

Please help - is this an SGP thing or a Pulsar thing?

UPDATE: I have spoken with the Pulsar software developer and it appears that the problem is within their software. I have reverted to an older working version for now. Hopefully a stable version of v1.11 or later will be forthcoming before too long.

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