Slew and Center display time-out

If you are doing a slew and center, once the result is in and under your error threshold, the dialog closes immediately. Is there anywhere to set the close out time, as there is for the autofocus dialog? It would be useful to see what the pixel error is, before the screen disappears.

SGPro is designed first as automation software for AP so sometimes there is an assumption that it is not constantly being watched by humans. I am not really sure why you need to see the pixel error since you personally set the acceptable tolerance, but we can look at adding this in a future version (accepted, unplanned).

I’m with Buzz/Chris on this. It would be good to know the actual value besides having met the threshhold.


Not that I’m terribly opposed to this as I have already moved it to accepted, unplanned, but why? I feel like I’m missing a user need (I don’t get it). If you set the tolerances and results are within those tolerances, it should not matter what those values are. If it does matter to you then it is possible that your tolerances are set too high.

I only ask because, if I am missing a need, there might be a better way to handle it.

Maybe just anecdotal? Sometimes it can be just interesting to see the error… If you’ve got 100px tolerance, and your error is 15px or thereabouts consistently, you’d know as you suggest the tolerance is too high.

That said, when centering, I usually see the error because I typically need a second slew to get within my margin.

@Ken - thanks - may I suggest a simplification, just add a fixed 2 second delay before closing out the dialog - that is all it needs, no requirement for a user-set parameter that complicates the GUI further.

That sounds fine to me. If I am not watching it, 2 sec will not matter, if I am, it allows me to see how close it got with minimal delay. Plus no more dialogs or checkboxes, just a small bit of fixed code.

Oh boy, having written software in the past and making it available to users I feel for Ken. As soon as he does this someone else is going to say:

Is there a way to have the centering dialog close immediately. I don’t understand why this takes so long. I don’t care about the pixel error so can we have it close right away?

So everything has to become an option you turn on and off. It goes back to “you can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time”. I don’t have a solution for you, Ken, I just feel for you. Good luck with it. :smiley: