Slew to first target before centering

perhaps this is already a feature, since “slew to” and “center on” don’t seem to be mutually exclusive in a target.

but if not, it would be nice to be able to first slew, then refine the pointing, rather than starting with a solve/sync.

one reason for this is because in my case i use the AP Park3 position, which has the OTA pointed at the pole. frequently plate solving can really go off the rails when presented with an image too close to the pole. i’ve had this result in a bad sync before. anyway when just starting up i find that i have to manually slew someplace before starting the sequence because of this.

another reason is that if the mount is left tracking and then tracks beyond the local horizon, SGP will never be able to start up on the next target as it won’t be able to solve/sync the current position, since it can no longer see the sky.



As you guessed, you can use slew to and center both on a target to do exactly what you’re after.


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awesome, thanks.

Hey that’s great. I have the same problem as Rob with starting a plate solve image while parked and pointing at the pole. And I always meant to read the manual to find out the difference between slew and center here. Now I know. :smile: