SLEW very far from target

During 2 year my AZ-EQ6 moved the telescope on the target with SLEW sgppro
now I am always very far, same side (see pictures)
The “Center” works well but it is very long and sometimes impossible !

  • I checked the HOME, tightening, (polar alignment is not so old)

On pictures cam orange rectangle and requested targets M31 , M27
an a first line of the “center on target”

Have you any idea to do to solve this issue


Maybe I am asking the obvious, but are you sure that your telescope has no significant cone error ? That can be caused for example by a clamp which is not exactly 90 degrees to the a mounting plate, or the dovetail of the telescope is not parallel with the optical axis,


thank for your answer

The setup is in remote from Paris to E-eye in Spain
We have been using this setup for several months without any trouble, perfect target on the center

This arrive3 weeks ago
yes with temperature we had to apply the axle brakes
We had tapes mark on mount end re-adjust them, with a new eqmod home memory

But it is always the same trouble ?

Hi JPaul,

I have one more idea. My AZ-EQ6 is also always outside ( onder cover), and some moths ago it started to develop a similar strange behaviour. In my case it was always off in DEC. The reason of the fault was that the metal scaled ring of the DEC encoder was getting dirty, so the readout of the encoder was always fault. I have dismantled the DEC axis and cleaned this ring, no problem anymore :-).
To check if this is the case with your setup, try to disable one or both encoders. Than the Goto wil not rely on it. If the Goto gets better with disabled encoders, you need to clean them or work further with disabled encorder(s).