Slight Nikon Connect issues and Live view not working anymore

Hi SGP Team, I currently have 2 issues with my Nikon.

i. After a fresh boot of my laptop, SGP always fails the initial connect to my Nikon D5200. The second and further attempts work. I’m not sure if this is specific to my laptop or not but I was unable to reproduce this on my PC. I have attached the log.

sg_logfile_20160214210559_nikon_1stfail.txt (43.6 KB)

ii. Live view no longer seems to work at all, it just continues to repeat rapid frames at 1/4000. To be honest I haven’t had much luck using live view much with SGP, but I believe you had mentioned this was not a priority. That’s fine but at least how it worked before might be beneficial.

Here is the log for the live view issue (This one I was able to reproduce on 2 machines)

sg_logfile_20160215204034_liveview.txt (46.8 KB)

Thanks for your continued hard work!

Not sure. Maybe defining you camera model explicitly in SGPro will help?

We will get it working at some point, but you’re right, in the grand scheme of things fixing live view for all models of Nikon is not super high on the priority list.

Thanks Ken, I think we may be on to something here. I actually do have the Nikon D5200 selected specifically in the settings. However I notice in the logs it shows that it is attempting an autodetect! So I compared with my other computer and it does not do that. It would appear something is incorrect in the settings profile?

Now I remember there was a note about the new settings to re-select the camera settings on the beta version which I thought I did, I don’t think it’s saving that selection correctly. I’ve tried to save the settings/profile but it does not work on new-reloads.

I cannot produce a situation in which Nikon settings are not saved properly. Are you saying that you can actually open the Nikon settings, select your camera, click OK, save the sequence… when you re-open that sequence “auto-detect” is selected again? Or are you saying that despite showing the correct selection in the settings dialog, SGPro still attempts auto-connect?

Something is definitely up with Live view. Looking into that now. I haven’t duplicated the connect issue yet.


The live view issue has been resolved and will be in the next 2.5 beta. That (appears) to have been in there for a while :-/

As for the connection issue…do you have an SD card in your camera? If so remove it and reattempt.


Thanks Ken and Jared for taking a look at this.

Yes, I’ve been able to reproduce this on both computers.

Ken, your second statement is what is happening “Depsite showing the correct selection int he settings dialog SGPro still attempts to autoconnect.” However only on initial load does this happen and until you re-select it from the setting button. This is confirmed by looking at the logs and seeing it cycle through all the models… If you re-select the Nikon setting from the settings box all is well. It’s the initial SGP load where it is not reading the selected Nikon variable.

No SD card is inserted in the camera. I also tried to create a new profile and the same result.

Thanks so much!

OK. Thx. I think I found the connection issue (the one where it does not honor selected types on load… until the settings dialog is opened and closed).