Some ideas for future releases

I had a couple of ideas for possible additions to the SGP interface while imaging last night:

  1. It would be handy if the countown time to cooldown/warmup could be displayed somewhere - perhaps next to the temperature in the camera cooler module.

  2. It would be handy if the focus point and temperature history could be recorded somewhere - perhaps a focus history window like the image history window. I was also wondering if the change in focus position/cahnge in temperature could be calculated.


The focus info is in the log if you want to go looking for it. The temp is there as well.

If you want to have your focus position calculated based on temp then you should be using the temp compensation feature and not auto focus. However you can run both at once. Most focus controllers also support internal temperature compensation adjustment.

We’ll look into the countdown timer for the TEC.



I think that for #2, what you might be looking for is the image history module. This image is outdated a bit… if you have a focuser plugged in, it will also track ambient temp and focuser steps:


I didn't know that.  Thanks for posting the graphic and link!


Yes - that’s the information I was looking for - it would be nice to have a plot of this like the HFR/Stars one.

An option I would like is that the file name format string can be saved as a part of the equipment profile, as the format I use is a bit different than the default. I currently keep a bunch a strings in a notepad doc that I paste for each particular config that I use.

Along the same line, make a key for the equipment profile name so it’s easier to incorporate scope configs into the file name.

Frank Z…

It would be nice to have the option to added addition fields for the image history taken from the image statistics module (median, median, etc… counts). Then I could pick out a frame that has clouds, passing car, etc causing it to be a throw away. Then again, the Grade Image tool does that too, but for during the capture session it would be nice.

Please give some examples of this.


When I create a new sequence, even from a profile, the file name key always defaults to


I use a different file naming format because I mix and match scopes/lenses throughout the year on various objects and at least I know where to find the images for processing, seeing what more data I need,etc.

My default format is


The “TM200” part is the equipment profile for this setup as an example (in this case my Tamron SP 200 mm f/2.8 lens), but it can also be R14TC, AP155, etc based on the scopes I’m using.

It isn’t much of a problem to cut and paste when I create a new sequence,but at times I’ve didn’t do this and had to move things around. So it would be nice to have this format string as part of the equipment profile so when I create a new sequence, it is inserted into it as the rest of the equipment parameters are set with the profile.

The second part of my request is to make the equipment profile name a key to add to the file name. Hence say a key of %ep would inset the “TM200” into my file name when using that profile.


Frank Z…

While you can’t currently do it by profile you can change the default for all of SGP. You can find this in the Tools>>Options “Custom File Name Pattern”

This won’t help you on a profile by profile basis though…but if you use one profile more than most you can set it up there.



Great…if I only looked all things over I may have stumbled on that earlier, but in working to get all the pieces working together one concentrates on the hard stuff first (see my meridian flip and park issue) and can live with the minor stuff.

Now if you can create a key for the equipment profile name I’ll be as happy as a pig in mud.


Frank Z…


I thought your original suggestion adding a custom file naming pattern per profile was a pretty good idea so I added that today. I call it an “override” because you don’t have to use it. If you don’t fill it out for your profile, your sequences will use the naming pattern that Jared described above. It looks like this now:

So for your “TM200” profile, just enter “%tn\TM200%fe%bn_TM200_%el_%su_%fz” in the text box and any new sequence with that profile will use that naming pattern.

This will be out in SGPro 2.3.8.

I would like image grading to have an indication of eccentricity. It would be even better if we could see it as the images came in.

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That’s great Ken. With my dual imaging setup that’s something I will definitely use. Thanks!


Is the Image History module insufficient for this? Is shows both text and line graph representations of your images in real time.

I love the image history. In fact one of my earlier requests resulted in it. I find it very useful. But currently there is no measure of eccentricity either in the image history or in image grading. Unfortunately it is quite possible to have a sub that looks great from a HFR point of view that is horrid from an eccentricity point of view. My preference would be that eccentricity be added to both image history as an option and to image grading. But if I had to have it just one place or the other, I would choose to add it to image grading.

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+1 to madratter’s request. After using it in PI I think we’re all getting spoiled.

Closing this topic in an effort to stay organized. I have created a new Feature Request category that should be used in the future… continuing to add requests here almost guarantees they will be lost or forgotten (I think there are already 3 or 4 in this one thread).

Please use the new category and limit each topic to one request… it will be much easier for us to track and a much better way for you to actually get the features you’re after.