Something is wrong at the moment

I am trying to start SGP and it tells me that my TRIAL period has ended and it is not activated.

I go to the website to check my licence and it doesn’t work either.

Yes, unfortunately we’re having some website issues at the moment.

We (attempted) to update the software our website is running on and that failed and left things in a bad state. We then attempted to restore a backup and that also failed. We’re working with our website support staff to get things restored ASAP.

Thank you,

Still Broken then ??

No was addressed last night. Should be all good.


Something is still wrong as my version on start-up, shows lite version, it displays “Trial Expired” window & when I enter my license key, it then shows a window stating "Invalid licence key, (error: 5)

Im not sure. Looking at your account, we have no record of hearing from any of your machines since Sep 1st 2022. You currently have one machine registered named SCOPE-CONTROL and I see zero attempts at activation. This probably isn’t the issue, but just so we can know there isn’t a problem here, you should be using the license code ending in E-5701.

The problem, from what you describe seems to me as though:

  • An incorrect license key is being used - OR -
  • You have the correct key, but, somehow SGPro is not talking to the licensing server at all… there is no record of any attempt here.

If it’s the first issue, that’s an easy fix. For the second, we’d need to get logs showing more details. Trial versions of SGPro cannot use the log submission tool, but you can use Help - View Log and paste them here in this thread… they should be pretty short.

I don’t know why your system wasn’t ant activation attempts, but I’ve once again tried to re-register using key “E-5701” & this time its’ been successful, so all’s well that end’s well !!

Ok, good. I don’t know why either but I do see a record of the activation today. Maybe the servers weren’t fully back up.