Something went wrong after flip (

Hi Ken and Jared,
could you please check out my log and try to figure out what went wrong. After meridian flip mount entered some kind of loop and it wasn’t able to center.
After the initial flip and settle, mount was sent to seems like proper coordinates, but after slewing and settling it slew back immediately to the position were it was right after flip. It took centering frame, solved and initiated a slew. Same happen again, mount slewed, settled and slewed back to the same position.
That cycle went for 5 times and sequence aborted and entered to recovering mode.
I canceled recovering mode and tried to center manually ( right click on target and center) but the mount behaved the same way, slew back and forth and couldn’t center.
Parked the scope, turned off the mount, reset the sequence, didn’t helped.
I think after 40 minutes of hassling with this I changed Sync behavior to Target Offset and seems that did the trick and could continue to image.
Interestingly, I had my friend right by me with same version of SGP and imaging same object. My mount performed meridian flip an hour earlier and I think that has something to do with daylight saving time changes, but not sure.
Never had to switch my EQ6 to Target Offset to behave normally, Sync always worked.
Will be greatfull if you can check this out and see why the mount behaved in this strange way.
Thank you,
Flip started at 21:37.


I have seen this. Looking through logs can take a while. I’ll get to this very soon and report back.

This seems pretty normal… The target offset behavior was added specifically to avoid situations where SGPro would fight with your mount’s internal modeling software. Your logs seem to indicate this is exactly what’s happening.

Hi Ken and thank you for your time.
Also, I found that Microsoft had released an update patch for my time zone for Win7x64, so after appliying it my UTC zone and time was fixed.
Yesterday night I set SGP back to Sync and all worked flawlessly whole night.
Want to thank you for this amazing software, everything works like a clock and I actually do have more time now to look at the sky instead of laptop screen. Just love it.